The entire range of Therza-Jane Chocolate are gluten free

Therza-Jane Chocolate

the senses

Enjoy the beautifully crafted designs and shiny exterior, the snap of tempered chocolate, the deep aroma of fine Belgium chocolate, and sensation of the velvet texture melting on your tongue; experience the complex layers of flavour notes, and relish in the sublime taste of truly exquisite chocolate.



Therza Jane Chocolate proudly marry exquisite fair-trade, organic Belgium dark, milk and white chocolate; and more recently Ruby Chocolate to the range, with high quality, freshly produced local ingredients.  This includes macadamia nuts, strawberries, pineapples, citrus, rosella, Mountain View Gold honey, finger limes and Maleny Dairies produce from the farm lands of the northern Moreton Bay region and Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland; much of which has been sourced directly from the farmers.

Framed photo fresh ingredients
Framed Australian native fruit and nuts
Framed Vegan box of chocolates
Framed photo Ruby and mango


Made for Everyone

These beautifully hand-crafted chocolates accommodate particular dietary needs such as Gluten-Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free, FODMAP diet, Nut Free, and Egg Free diets.  Our recipes are carefully chosen blends that provide an opportunity for people to make a conscious decision to enjoy exquisite chocolate, made from the finest fresh ingredients. We have made the choice easy with boxed chocolates carefully selected to ensure those people with dietary choices and restrictions are observed.

Ruby Chocolate

Callebaut Belgium Ruby chocolate has recently been added to the Therza-Jane Chocolate range. Released by Callebaut Belgium Chocolate in 2017, the dusky pink Ruby chocolate has been described as creamy, intense, berry fruit, with a slight sour note. For lovers of chocolate, the Ruby chocolate truffles crafted by Therza-Jane Chocolate will no doubt become cherished favourites.



Personalised, beautiful handcrafted,  quality chocolate enhancing the style and elegance of your special day.       


Your clients and customers are discerning, and Therza-Jane Chocolate is the perfect gift to building strong relationships paving the way future business.  

special occasions

High tea anyone? In fact Therza-Jane Chocolate is perfect for any special occasion.                             


Express post to anywhere in Australia for the flat fee of $10.00, including hot weather protection in the warmer months.

Courier option for the northern Moreton Bay region (see Delivery Policy for map of specific suburbs) for the flat fee of $10.00.

Free Express post for all purchases over $75.00 Australia wide.

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